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Do you need a new website designer who is an experienced professional website builder?
If so then you have definitely come to the right place!. You can have a personal bespoke website designer, using many innovative, cutting-edge web and multimedia techniques to get your business recognised on the internet and reach new clients, anything from logo design to complete company re-branding.

I'm able to provide rapid, quality driven, services all at an affordable cost whilst giving you & your business confidence. The prices are all transparent & I do not believe in hiding any hidden cost's anywhere, all is explained up front with no obligation.

I create responsive websites which work on any device for ultimate compatibility. Whether it be PC, Mobile or Tablet I ensure your website looks amazing on them all.

My imagination and limits have no bounds & I pride myself on customer satisfaction of which has seen numerous clients come back time & time again.

Web Design in Essex, UK - Find Out More

Search Engine Optimisation, Website Designer, Social Media & Web Builder | Mays-Media


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is the skilled process of getting internet traffic from search results on search engines to the top or the first few pages.

It can be the make or break of all websites prosperity. All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where certain web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked in order based on what the search engine considers most relevant to what the user has searched for.

This is not using a paid for ad campaign, as it is with ad words, put simply it is utilising the data on the current website to favour the desired search results in your benefit.

There are several Search Engine Optimisation plans available depending upon your requirements.

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Website Updating & Maintenance

Website Updating

Updating & Maintenance

Do you have a website that is outdated, not performing it’s duty or generating the leads that it should?

Mays-Media can generate numerous website analytic reports detailing any issues and produce a brief outlining as to just what I can do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost at no extra charge with no obligation.

I am happy to work on a website that is hosted by someone else or to transfer the website over to our fast secure servers, often at cheaper price than you are already paying.

Do not worry as I will do all the technical work, you can rest assured that I can make it an easy transition.

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E-Commerce Website

Create a Shop Online

Mays-Media offer a full E-Commerce consultation and implementation service to give you a stunning shop window for your products.
I can offer advice for new startups and improvements for existing E-Commerce stores.
If you have got a new product you are looking to sell, I can offer you advice on the best routes to take and the potential pitfalls to avoid and areas to explore.
Mays-Media can build you anything from a small boutique store to a full on global multi lingual superstore.
It will be able to take online payments & offers excellent 'up to the second' stock management.
You can even manage your store on your mobile or tablet.

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Videography & Photography


Videography & Photography

Mays-Media offer a full videography & photography service to capture in video & pictures exactly how you would like to portray your business & products.

It's great for personalising your branded website and showing off what you have to offer.
If you have got a new product, or service, you are looking to sell or advertise then what's better than showing it off in all it's glory?

Mays-Media can attend your business location, or a requested venue, for a full photoshoot and film whatever is required.

Make your website stand out with fresh & original content.
Feel free to enquire regarding this supplementary service.

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Social Media

Social Media

Tap into the Heart of the Internet

The social media whirlwind for free advertising by business's has taken the world by storm and many are getting left behind, don't let your company be one of them.

Using social media for business can get you and your company seen both locally and worldwide, quickly & cheaply.

Many people use Facebook to read reviews and photos left by real clients.
You'll be able to connect with people in the local community, show them your work, let your prospective clients know about your offers, discounts, opening times etc, it’s amazing just how many people respond.

Users are familier and comfortable with social media websites or apps and so are less likely to reject infomation instantly and are far more likely to check you out as opposed to adverts popping up on websites.

More importantly, it plays a major part of increasing your website's search engine rankings when combined with search engine optimisation.

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Live Chat

Live Chat

Ensuring you don't miss a sale!

Mays-Media can offer the latest in technology with live chat on your own website with office and/or mobile based platforms & instant notifications meaning you never miss a sale again.

With the Live Chat function on your website you can turn those questions into sales or easily advise your customers.

Talk to your customers in real-time via your website, they don't even have to pick up the phone.

You can even get notified when potential customers visit your website, what pages there looking at, see how they got to your site and initiate a conversation all from the comfort of your desk or if your out and about then on your mobile.

Live chat is the newest and fastest way to engage your customers.

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Help Desk

Support Management

Help Desk Ticket System

Introducing the new help desk ticket system.

Mays-Media are excited to unveil Help Desk, a brand-new customer service product tuned especially for our customers websites.

You will enjoy the luxury communication and support features that Help Desk offers.

Help Desk keeps all your company's customer correspondence in one place. It helps you because you no longer need to go searching through all your emails to find past and/or current communications.

It will help you to deliver a faster & more efficient service to your customers by having all the customers history in one place.

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Cloud Storage & Transfer

ownCloud Offers Easy File Storage

Introducing the new ownCloud facility.

Mays-Media are excited to unveil ownCloud, a brand-new customer service product engineered especially for Mays-Media's customer websites.

You can upload files like pictures, videos & documents or you can download files such as examples/proof reads of works or current & past invoices etc.

ownCloud has the ability to allow all of your client's access to a secure vault of their own if documents need to be exchanged that are larger than emails can deal with or if you have multiple items.

The beauty of it is that you decide exactly who has access to what and when, all managed in a simple intuitive interface.
This is all done via the cloud in it's own storage area.

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Anti-Spam Email

Anti-Spam Email

Say NO! to Junk Mail

I understand exactly how frustrating junk emails can be and how much valuable time they waste.

This time would be much better suited to serving customers both current & prospective.

That is why Mays-Media have developed a way to virtually eliminate junk mail.

Receiving intrusive, bogus, spam emails through your website's email address could be a thing of the past by specially coding your website and using Mays-Media anti-spam email service.

What are you waiting for, free up your inbox now!

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Professional Emails

Professional Emails

e-Pro Screams Professionalism

Easily promote yourself or your business with every email you send by utilising a professional email template.

If you are just dropping a line to a customer then a professional email signature is a swift and easy way to remind them how easy it is to get in touch, visit your website or social media pages for updates.

Or maybe you wish to promote or announce a special event or product. In which case you will need more than just a black and white email to make the impact upon your customers that you desire.

Mays-Media can create custom email templates and signatures to portray your professional persona, products or services.

It is also possible to create email campaigns and track their success.

Take that next step to the complete business package!

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Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

WebchecK Monitor's Your Website 24/7

You have a brand new website, built and online, only to find out sometime later that it's been offline for quite some time and you have lost trade, how annoying or costly would that be?

Mays-Media include our WebchecK service, free 24/7 website monitoring on all website packages so you can rest assured that you are covered.

Every now & then every website experiences downtime at some point or another which is un-avoidable, but it's crucial to find out sooner rather than later so as the issue can be resolved to get you back online as soon as possible.

Mays-Media have an around-the-clock monitoring service included with all our website packages so as notification is received immediately of any issues.

Just another reason to have peace of mind when choosing Mays-Media to manage your website.

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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Fast, Secure & Reliable Web Hosting

Flexible web hosting packages available for whatever website or budget you require.
Dependant upon the package you choose, there is unlimited space, bandwidth & databases, your site has room to grow with your business.

Mays-Media use purpose-built data centres in the UK which are optimised in every respect for maximum security and efficiency, utilising the latest technologies to prevent data loss and downtime even in the most extreme circumstances.
The 10Gb/s network is based on Cisco architecture and has 24x7 network and hardware monitoring along with security teams on site as well as internal & external CCTV, access is restricted with security clearance required.
All your data is safeguarded behind a multi-layered firewall, backed up regularly and stored offsite.

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Domain Names

Domain Names

Easy Registration with Free Features

Whether you're registering a new domain name or transferring & renewing your current domain names with us, Mays-Media offer great value for money without hidden costs or inflated renewal fees.

Move your domain name to us and take advantage of free features such as web forwarding & email addresses.

A domain name is an identification string that identifies a particular destination.
Think of it as a house address and this is used to deliver information both to and from the internet & users on the world wide web.
Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System also known as DNS.

New Generic Domains:
A big change in the way we use domain names is currently being introduced, with the introduction of over a thousand new domain extensions making it easier to find the perfect domain name. For example, if your preferred domain name 'www.mysite.com' is already registered by someone else then one of the new available extensions may take your fancy ie 'www.mysite.web'.

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Business Cards, Flyers, Leaflets etc

Mays-Media offer a graphic design service for numerous applications at a competitive price.

I can offer a free, no obligation, quote for any design or artwork project, large or small.

From business cards, flyers, leaflets or letterheads etc to larger advertising merchandise like banners or signs.

Portray a professional appearance to your customers, don't let sloppy, pre-made, restrictive template designs hold you back.

Mays-Media create bespoke artwork & designs for all your needs, you can have whatever design you desire.
Business cards are normally the first way a company image is passed on, let it be right.
Printed flyers are great for mass advertising along with promoting special events & showcasing your offers or business services.

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Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile

Smartphone's & tablet's are now the most popular choice for browsing the internet.
Mays-Media now only build Responsive websites, which means that no matter what device is used to view our websites on, the viewer will see your website in all it's glory without loosing functionality.
Whether it be on a desktop pc, laptop, tablet or mobile it has full compatibility.

Unlike other website builders, Mays-Media will not charge you for building a mobile version of your website as, all of our new websites work on any device.

Websites built in this way are known in the industry as 'responsive websites'.
As of 21st of April 2015 Google started favoring responsive websites in search results over 'static websites' (non-responsive).

As Mays-Media are expert in SEO the move with the times, and updating of the technology & working methods, was paramount to the industry we work in and 'you' as a customer should expect no less from any other website builder.

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Secure Servers

Secure Servers

Fast, Efficient, Secure Websites

Your company's security is paramount!
That is why Mays-Media use purpose-built data centres in the UK which are optimised for maximum security, using the latest technologies to ensure your data is safe.

There is 24x7 network and hardware monitoring.

Security teams based on site.

Internal & external CCTV.

Restricted access with security clearance required.

All your data is safeguarded behind a multi-layered firewall, backed up regularly and stored offsite.

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Legal Cover

Legal Cover

Ensuring You Comply to the EU Regulations

Often forgotten by website builders is the EU Regulations, which in the UK are known as, "The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations".

Nearly all websites should have a suitably worded set of policies to cover terms & conditions, privacy & cookie consent.

The EU Cookie Law came into effect in May 2011, it means that all public websites have to demonstrate that they are taking steps to comply with EU laws on the storage of personal data using cookies.

Cookies are like text files that are on a user's computer/device allowing a website to store certain browsing information about the user.

Mays-Media ensure you are inline with the latest regulations and do all the leg work for you to ensure your online presence is safe & legal.

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Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

UK Based Friendly Customer Support

At Mays-Media customer satisfaction is very important!

We are not happy until our clients are.

That's why we offer 24/7 Customer Support, whenever you need it.

A fast & friendly service provided to all customers via telephone, email, live chat or our intelligent ticketing system.

Customer support is UK based.

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