Problems With DIY Website Builders

Problems with DIY Website Builders

Where do I start?…

A DIY website builder sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately there are a lot of upset customers who have been coerced into using them by convincing TV adverts and promises of low prices for their own website for as little as £1.

So this is a quick blog about what I have researched, heard and been told by disgruntled customers who have come to me to escape their misery.

The main problems with DIY Websites:-

They are not free, as some try to claim!

This is the most common gripe that I come across. The TV adverts and websites give the impression that you can have your own website for free, or as little as £1.

What normally happens is that these websites (such as Godaddy, Wix & Weebly) present nice looking buttons with “Free” or “Sign Up For Free” on and it is not until later that you realise this is not the case… or at least not what you were initially led to believe was free.

You’ll find that they let you create your own account, and start building your website for free. But it is here that the ‘Free’ part usually ends.

So just when you think all is going well, having spent hours and hours designing your website and it is finally built, your ready to launch and they spring the first of many surprises on you.

If you want the website to go live on the internet then you are presented with website package options for you to choose from. In some cases you can have the website go live for free but usually with hideous adverts all over it with other company’s names etc.

Your domain name will probably look horrendous!

For example:

Using your own domain name, which you may have purchased, is not usually very easy to use with your ‘free website’. Infact it usually takes an expert with advanced web knowledge to be able to make the changes. I for one can vouch for this as I have had to do it for previous customers. It appears as though these DIY website builders make it difficult on purpose. Either that or you have to pay to be able to switch to your domain name, how cheeky is that!

You will need lots and lots and lots of spare time

Seeing as you want a website to promote your new company, I will presume that you are actually quite busy with getting it all set up and running smoothly. So I’m guessing you don’t actually have a lot of spare time to start spending on learning new techniques and researching everything about web design, graphic design and copywriting. Let alone actually creating the images, original content and typing everything in whilst abiding to Googles guidelines and optimising for search engine optimisation. I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say that you will be spending your time on more important things. Afterall, when you break down how long it will take you, is it worth it, how much is your time worth?

You actually need some advanced computer skills

As much as they would like you to believe, those DIY website builders are not as straight forward as they make out. Reason being that they are usually built on their own custom software, so they can be very clunky, slow, confusing and extremely hard to navigate unless you already have a good knowledge of web building. You will always need to know some technical terminology if you want to add even the most basic of things like a simple layout or contact forms etc.

It’s almost worked on a kind of casino style hook. You go in with all the flashy lights and inviting attractions only to start losing straight away. Then, once you have laid down so much you feel the need to carry on and put more down… once they have you your pretty much done for.

Limitations upon limitations

You may not initially notice, or be hindered by, the hidden limitations straight away. Infact you will probably only notice them when it comes to trying to make your website on par with your competitors websites.

For example, you may need some custom functions on your website, like a special contact form with extra fields, booking forms, blogging, e-commerce and so on, well even if it is possible with them they will charge you even more for an ‘add on’. The provided gallery options are usually dismal and lets say you may want a particular image or text somewhere other than their pre-determined layouts… Sorry to have to tell you but you can’t have that either!

The DIY website builders can’t handle things like that. They are not flexible enough, and often can’t be changed by even the best computer programmer as you are tied to set templates running on their custom system. You can’t get professional advice from them on how to make your website more seo friendly and competitive because of their limitations.

Locked in

You will also find that, because these DIY website builders use their own custom software and platforms, you cannot migrate or leave without completely remaking your website again. Not only that, but they often charge you to transfer your domain name to somewhere else, like a penalty fee.

Lack of customer support

In the past I have dealt with numerous of the aforementioned company’s offering these free websites and the customer support is shocking to say the least. You will probably be limited to email support only (unless you pay out even more money) and even then your email goes into a huge pot of support tickets which may or may not be answered within a week.

The other issue that you are dealing with is that the support staff are generally desk clerks who are paid to sit at a pc and real of pre-quoted solutions from a sheet because they usually have no idea of what you require or understand how to fix it themselves. I have lost count of the amount of times I have helped customers try to resolve an issue with their previous provider only for me to end up telling their ‘so called’ support team how to actually fix the issue. If you pay peanuts then you will get monkeys support.

Bad for SEO

It is a well known fact that DIY websites are extremely poor on search engine optimisation because of all the limitations. Getting SEO right is like finding the combination to a lock. You need to try many variations and alter each one slightly every time to obtain the required result. You just cannot do this with half the code missing.

So whats different with Mays-Media?

  • I do not pretend to be free
  • You have your own custom domain name
  • You do not need to sit at your pc for hours on end
  • You do not need to know any technical jargon
  • There are no limitations
  • You are not locked in to any long term contract
  • You have direct 24/7 customer support
  • I provide specialist SEO solutions

With Mays-Media you get a professionally built website optimised for Google, your own personal web designer, project management and years of experience all bundled at a low cost with no hidden fees!

Author: Melissa Phillips

Web Designer, Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation Strategist