Hire a Freelance Web Designer or a Web Design Agency?

Hire a Freelance Web Designer or a Web Design Agency

A question often pondered if you need a new website… Basically, it all comes down to cost and service.

For a Freelance Web Designer;

You get 100% commitment as they won’t be spread across numerous jobs all day and you only pay for one persons time.

They will also gain a better understanding of your business over time, meaning that you won’t have to keep explaining the same thing, over and over, to different members of staff. Ultimately they create a bond of reassurance and will gel with their clients.

You can also expect a very quick response time, so any changes that you want implemented can be actioned straight away. There is no waiting on emails, waiting for a call back, waiting for another member of the team to pick up your task and so on. You can interact with them directly, face-to-face ensuring your website is heading the way you want.

For a Web Design Agency;

You get a watered down service as it depends upon when they have team members available to assist you.

You will be passed from one member of staff to another, even just for the simplest of tasks.

You will be paying more because they have to employ a platoon of staff. There’ll be managers, team leaders, graphic designers, SEO specialists, social media specialists, copy writers, online marketing specialists and branding specialists. They all have to be paid, so don’t think it will be cheap.

So what would you prefer?

Author: Melissa Phillips

Web Designer, Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation Strategist