Another HMRC Phishing Email

HMRC Phishing Email

One more for you: HMRC Phishing email doing the rounds…

Same old silly nonsense as all the others, fake email address pretending it’s from when it’s actually from:-

(I have hash tagged a few characters because they could be spoofing someones real email address and I doubt they’d want it posted).

If you click the link in the email then it takes you to this website:-

which is close, but not close enough. They have also used a URL shortener for the link in the email, the real one is ridiculously long.

Here is a screenshot of the form they want you to fill out. No surprise here then that they want all of your details under the sun. These include Credit Cards, Driving Licence and National Insurance number etc:-

HMRC Phishing Email Leads To This Website

So, if you get one of these then forward it on to HMRC for them to track and trace at:-

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Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant!

Author: Melissa Phillips

Web Designer, Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation Strategist